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In the run up to the 2005 General Election the ‘New Labour Party’ decided to impose an all- women shortlist on the local constituency of Blaenau Gwent.
Despite protests from many of its members the Blaenau Gwent New Labour Party accepted the selection process. The use of this undemocratic practice split the party and led to many resignations including that of the late Peter Law.
 At this time Peter Law was the Welsh Assembly Member for Blaenau Gwent, and he was determined that the people of this constituency would not be manipulated for party political gain. Peter stood as an Independent candidate and not only overturned a majority of almost 20,000 but ended up with a 9,121 majority of his own.
Unfortunately, just a year after the General Election, Peter died of a brain tumour.
It was at this sad time that his wife Trish Law, and his friend and agent Dai Davies, took up the challenge of keeping Blaenau Gwent independent from national party interference, and the “Blaenau Gwent People’s Voice” was formed.
After a long "David and Goliath" campaign between the might and money of the ‘Labour Party’ and the honesty and integrity of the ‘People's Voice’, the two Independent candidates were successful.
On 30th June, 2006, Trish Law became the Assembly Member, and Dai Davies the Member of Parliament.
The political tidal-wave continued and Trish Law won the Welsh Assembly election on 3rd May, 2007, with an increased majority of 5357 votes. 
In the local elections on 1st May, 2008, The Blaenau Gwent People’s Voice won five council seats and together with Liberal and Independent members rested control of the council from a tired and fragmented New Labour Party.
Sadly at the 2010 General Election Dai Davies lost his seat to the New Labour candidate.  This result was due to a number of factors including, a sustained attack on Dai in the local press, failure of the People's Voice to make changes in the Local Authority and fear of a Tory Government in Westminster.
After the General Election defeat in May 2010 the five People's Voice councillors abandoned the “People's Voice” name and changed their political titles to “Independent”.
Trish Law decided in 2010 that she would not contest the Blaenau Gwent Assembly seat in 2011.
The People’s Voice then de-registered as a “Political Party” with the UK electoral commission. The annual costs of registration would be pointless, if representatives would not carry the name “People’s Voice”.
At this stage it would have been so easy to give up and leave Blaenau Gwent to the “New Labour” party.
However if this course of action had been taken, the work of the last five years would have been in vain. 
We had to look back at the reasons for the formation of the People’s Voice to decide on the future of the movement.
The movement was formed because:-
New Labour had imported candidates, of their choice from outside Blaenau Gwent.
New Labour had abandoned the policies and beliefs it was founded on.
Instead of reversing the policies of the 1979-97 Tory government, New Labour embraced and perpetuated them.
Having been loyal to the Labour Party for decades, this area has witnessed the erosion of the Welfare State and NHS, by both Tory and Labour Governments. 
The People’s Voice still has a place as long as we are governed by career politicians, and not by people with a conviction to improve the lives of the many and not the elite few.
"We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason if we remember that we are not descended from fearful men, not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes which were, for the moment unpopular." 
 Ed Murrow                    
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